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Managing sub-contractors, timelines, budgets and expectations isn't always the easiest of tasks when it comes to a construction project of any scale. Our team has successfully managed projects as small as a home bathroom remodel to buiding a large, million dollar biotechnology plant. As a result, BDFS Group always seeks to ensure that we partner with the best subcontractors in the industry to build the best projects for our clients.


Thank you for your interest in being placed on our qualified subcontractors list. In order to send your company the appropriate invitations, we ask that you take a few minutes to complete the following prequalification form here and click submit to be automatically added to our subcontractor database. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at


Please be prepared to submit the following information, if selected as Subcontractor Partner:


  • Copy of W-9 

  • List of company license numbers 

  • List of state sales tax numbers 

  • List of state unemployment insurance numbers 

  • List of insurance agreements 

  • List of current projects 

  • List of recently completed projects 

  • Current financial statement 

  • Bank information 

  • Dun and Bradstreet information 

  • Surety information 

  • 3 supplier references 

  • 3 contractor references 

  • Independent verification letter supporting your EMR for last 3 years 

  • OSHA 300 logs from last 3 years 

  • Insurance information

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